Application for professionals

Veterinarians & clinics

Veterinarians & clinics

Your advantages

  • Time saving
  • Improved diagnostic options
  • Better patient results
  • Tamper-proof documentation
  • Easy to use and integrate into daily practice routine
  • User-friendly
  • Possibility of training and support
  • No additional costs for you and your clinic/practice

It is important to note that the AI software serves as a supporting tool and not as a substitute for the expertise and experience of the veterinarian or clinic!

Simple support in diagnostics

Based on video recordings with the smartphone, the software records the horse’s gait and recognizes inconsistencies and lameness. The analysis, which takes just seconds, also narrows down the affected joint area of the lameness. This means that diagnostic anaesthetics can be used in a more targeted manner to localize the point of pain or, if necessary, be omitted altogether.

The clinical purchase examination

The veterinarian commissioned with the purchase examination is responsible for the faultless findings of the horse. If he does not fulfill his obligations under the veterinary contract to carry out the purchase examination or does so poorly or incorrectly, the veterinarian is liable. The assessment of the horse’s musculoskeletal system is therefore an essential part of the purchase examination. The video recording and analysis at the time of the purchase examination not only provides you with an overview of the gait pattern, but also with tamper-proof documentation!


After injuries or operations, a gait analysis can help to monitor the healing process and support rehabilitation. Regular analyses allow progress to be documented and adjustments to be made to the rehabilitation program.

Health monitoring

A gait analysis can help to identify potential health problems in horses at an early stage and take appropriate action.

Physiotherapists & osteopaths

Our horses are real athletes and should be treated as such!

Competitive sport is the intensive practice of a sport with the aim of achieving the highest possible performance. Why should our horses have different needs than we do?

In addition to optimum husbandry and nutrition, regeneration and therapy also play a major role in training. Physiotherapy and osteopathy are the two treatment options that help our horses – especially in sport – to achieve the desired goals and prevent injuries.

Your advantages

  • Improved diagnostic options thanks to detailed insights into the movement sequence
  • Early detection of problems
  • The combination of AI analyses and the therapist’s expertise enables individually tailored treatment plans to be created
  • Documentation of movements / video is used for dialogue with the owner/trainer
  • AI gait analyses provide objective measurements. This enables a precise assessment of the horse’s progress (especially after treatment) and close monitoring of the treatment results

It is important to note that the AI software serves as a supporting tool and not as a substitute for the expertise and experience of the physiotherapist or osteopath!

Equestrians & Trainers

Equestrians are often under massive pressure to succeed!

The horse should be encouraged and trained according to the classical principles of riding theory. Ideally with the time it needs to mature mentally and physically. The aim should always be to achieve the greatest possible harmony between horse and equestrian and to maximise permeability. This takes time.

Unfortunately, everyday life in our performance-orientated and fast-paced world often looks different. Correcting unruly or difficult horses, for example, is a lengthy process. Some owners want their horses’ existing problems to be solved quickly – if only because of the constantly rising costs. So far, so good! What does this have to do with gait analysis?

A responsible and sensitive equestrian who understands his craft and works with foresight is the best health care for the horse and AI-based gait analysis is the tool to regularly monitor health.

Your advantages

  • Tool for improving equestrian ability
  • Optimisation for training
  • Analysis of the horse’s gait/movement quality (identify areas for improvement)
  • Monitoring progress (regular analyses allow the rider to track and document progress in training and make adjustments to improve performance)
  • Early detection of injuries (directly recognise irregularities and anomalies in the gait pattern)
  • Comparison with other horses
  • Visualisation of the gait pattern (the analysis can be used to visualise the horse’s gait pattern)
  • Competitive advantage

It is important to note that the AI software serves as a supporting tool and not as a substitute for the expertise and experience of the trainer!