Horse owners

Your advantages

  • Early detection of injuries (directly recognise irregularities and anomalies in the gait pattern)
  • Optimisation for training / recognition of rhythm disturbances and their causes
  • Analysing the horse’s gait/movement quality (identifying areas that need to be improved)
  • Monitoring progress (especially after injuries when training the horse)
  • Visualisation of the gait pattern (the analysis can be used to visualise the horse’s gait pattern and discuss it with specialists)

It is important to note that the AI software serves as a supporting tool and not as a substitute for the expertise and experience of specialists!

We always recommend working with your trusted vet.

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Horse keeping means responsibility

As a horse owner, you have acquired a great deal of responsibility. And from now on, it’s all about making sure your beloved animal is well every day.

So it’s all the worse if something goes wrong and the animal doesn’t run smoothly! To avoid overloading the horse, early detection of health problems – especially gait problems – plays an important role! Only problems that are recognised early can be treated in time and major damage prevented. In many cases of lameness, however, the search for the cause is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Because let’s be honest: recognising mild to moderate lameness (and pinpointing which of the 4 legs the problem is) in a horse is difficult for owners and even vets at first! It is therefore advisable to record the horse regularly and to compare the available video material and the corresponding analyses. Then you often realise that the horse was perhaps running differently a few months ago and that problems could have been avoided.